Our Services

Our service and commitment to you are multi-faceted.  When we first visit with you, we want to listen to you as you share your story with us.  We want to get to know you, not only in regards to your financial picture but to understand who and what you really care about, what makes you tick and what dreams you have for the future.  It is only after we listen to you, can we find appropriate solutions for your needs and dreams going forward.


We will help you to prioritize your various areas of concerns to address the issues of primary importance for you first, and then proceed in working with you regarding the secondary areas of concern.  We will work together with a step by step process which will help you to see the progress you are making and comfortable with the decision making process of what will best meet your goals and objectives.


As Independent Representatives, through our Broker Dealer Voya Financial Advisors, we can recommend solutions and services from a variety of Financial Institutions in the areas of Risk Management, Retirement Accumulation and Distributions, Estate Planning and Conservation, Risk Tolerance and Financial Suitability.

Step by Step Process

Get Acquainted .  We Listen.  Discussion.  Goal Setting.  Prioritizing.  Needs Analysis.  Suitability Analysis.  Solutions Options.  Implementations of Solutions.  Follow-up.  Servicing.


Our job does not stop with strategy and solution implementation but continues on in the form of periodic reviews, updating, examining account statements, etc.


As you can see, we are dedicated to developing and sustaining a wonderful long term relationship with our clients.  We hope to make your financial journey a wonderful experience for you!